How hard is it to double your money in the stock market?

How hard is it to double your money in the stock market?

I think we have always been told that making money is difficult, and to some part, I think that’s true. But if you invest your time to learn about any business, you can do fairly well. And I don’t think there is any safer investment than the stock market to double your money.

It’s only easy to make money when you have sufficient knowledge, or else it will be a plain gamble. And I would suggest you be far better playing at a casino than putting your money in any ABC company.

Now why invest in the stock market to double your money? For starters, there is no minimum capital required to start investing. For all the other businesses where you can double your money, you need to invest a hefty amount at the beginning. And for all other types of investments such as RD, FD, LIC schemes, etc., the return is a maximum of 10%.

Maybe if you are still living in the ’90s, you could say that investing in RD, FD, or LIC schemes is safe and the best investment anyone could possibly make. But wake up, we are in 2021, and with so many investment instruments, it’s high time you learn about stock markets.

The best part is that you only have to research the company and understand their business before investing your money, but once you do, all your work is done. Sit back and relax, let the company do all the work, and grow your money.

And believe me, this is not some trick. I will give you examples where companies have doubled the investor’s money in only one year.

Stocks that doubled investors money in the last 1 year:

Company Name 01-01-2020 01-01-2021 % Change
Vikram Thermo (India) 92.6 189.35 101.65%
Aurobindo Pharma 458.35 927.9 102.24%
Bajaj Healthcare Ltd 219.65 451.3 103.29%
Escorts 606.2 1287.8 104.09%
Divis Labs 1819.40 3846.9 108.84%
Bharat Parenterals Limited 168 369.85 120.15%
Coral Laboratories 143 309.15 120.82%
Anuh Pharma 63.88 139.7 124.85%
SMS Lifesciences India 265 620.25 129.72%
Godavari Drugs 15.9 38.25 133.23%
Balaji Amines 415.25 937.95 134.52%
Jain Irrigation Systems 8.35 18.95 136.58%
Shree Hari Chemicals Export 15.03 35.6 136.86%
Valiant Organics 650 1552.2 138.62%
JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals 428.45 1033.9 143.50%
Neuland Laboratories 418.15 1090.55 159.32%
Navin Fluorine International 1003.9 2637.55 161.14%
Deepak Nitrite 375.2 989.35 165.31%
Tyche Industries 82.65 223.8 171.77%
Solara Active Pharma Sciences 427.45 1198.6 172.41%
Brooks Laboratories 24.47 69.75 179.78%
Diamines & Chemicals 127.4 360 182.57%
Granules India 121.75 359.2 189.33%
SMS Pharmaceuticals 41.3 118.7 189.87%
Alufluoride 97.9 290 193.23%
Oriental Aromatics 178.9 555.95 215.34%
Vasundhara Rasayans 25.25 81.8 223.96%
Alkyl Amines Chemicals 1103.75 3880.5 251.57%
Marksans Pharma 17.15 60.85 264.37%
Titan Bio-Tech 39.25 150.65 283.82%
Smruthi Organics Limited 126.95 501.2 285.54%
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals 171.35 751.3 330.79%
Gujarat Themis Biosyn 58.8 252.45 334.51%
Kopran 31.15 138.75 339.08%
Lasa Supergenerics 18.75 84.35 360.93%
Syncom Formulations 0.74 3.51 374.32%
Mangalam Drugs & Organics 28.9 138.55 374.49%
Laurus Labs 73.89 353.25 388.59%
Aarti Drugs 147.45 734.8 408.51%
Adani Green Energy Limited 174.8 1066.15 523.48%
Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation 7.27 51.8 592.51%
Venus Remedies 21.7 165.85 633.85%
Makers Laboratories 39.95 295.75 658.33%
Zenith Health 1.35 10.23 669.17%
Biofil Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals 16.25 181.25 912.57%

All the companies more than doubled the investor’s money in just one year. Not only that, some of them are multi-bagger, growing the investor’s money four, five, or even six times. Meaning, if you invested 1 Lakh rupee, then after one year, it would have become 4 Lakh, 5 Lakh, or even 6 Lakh, depending on the company you invest in.

But how does one select the companies which can grow your money? Because there are many companies that have produced negative returns and destroyed investors’ money. One such example is Vodafone Idea. The stock is in continuous downfall from 65.59 and is currently trading at 11.70.

Sometimes stocks destroy investors money | How hard is it to double your money in the stock market?

So you need to be very careful when investing your money. We can’t go into the details on the process of selecting fundamentally sound companies because we have limited time and space here. Still, we will definitely discuss it in one of our future newsletters (so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter).

To conclude, you can definitely double your money in the stock market in 3-5 years, which is far better than traditional options. But there is a risk of losing your money, and to mitigate that risk, you can always invest your money in the Blue-Chip stocks (low risk, low reward).

And if you decide to invest your money yourself, make sure you study the markets and understand how to look at the companies’ fundamentals before you even think of investing your hard-earned money. 

Happy Investing!

Happening’s Around the Stock Market (25-05-2021)

  • Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) bought shares worth Rs 188.08 crore, while domestic institutional investors (DIIs) sold shares worth Rs 746.57 crore.
  • NSE adds 16 stocks to the F&O segment starting March series; here’s the list.
  • Rising market-economy disconnect has no precedence, poses risk: Sebi chief
  • Silver hits all-time high of Rs 70,000/kg.
  • Rupee close at 72.43 against US dollar (8 paise lower).

Stock in News (25-05-2021)

  • Nureca shares surge over 60% on market debut.
  • Axis Bank gets approval from IRDAI to buy 12% stake in Max Life Insurance Company.
  • Cadila Healthcare gets USFA approval for an anti-depressant drug (nortriptyline hydrochloride).
  • Cadila Healthcare subsidiary has acquired the experimental drug from Therapeutics’ Copper Histidinate for treating Menkes disease for $20 million.
  • HG Infra Engineering Limited has been declared as L-1 bidder for a new project by NTPC.
  • CCI approves the merger of NAM Estates and Embassy One Commerical Property Developments Pvt Ltd into Indiabulls Real Estate.
  • Cochin Shipyard inks a pact with Dredging Corporation of India and IHC Holland BV to make world-class dredgers. Recently the company also bagged Rs 10,000 crore Navy order for six missile vessels.
  • MEP Infrastructure Developers receives LOA from NHAI to collect user fees for Sergarh Fee Plaza for one year.
  • Piramal Enterprises subsidiary completes the full acquisition of Convergence Chemicals Private.
  • Just Dial launches its exclusive B2B portal called Jd Mart.
  • Godawari Power & Ispat secure export orders of high-grade iron ore pellets (65.5% Fe) to China and other countries.
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